China-Indonesia Relations: 2023 Year In Review and 2024 Outlook

Penulis : Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat & Yeta Purnama


ISBN : 978-623-09-7223-2

Cover : Soft Cover

Halaman : ix+120 hlm

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Ukuran : 13x20 cm

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Deskripsi Buku

2023 was another crucial year for China-Indonesia relations. Cooperation continued to grow across various dimensions. While politics and the economy remained focal points in the ties between China and Indonesia, the year also witnessed discussions on new issues in both Beijing and Jakarta. These included cooperation in the renewable energy sector, Indonesia’s potential membership in BRICS, and mapping the future direction of Indonesia’s foreign policy towards China in light of the upcoming presidential election in 2024. Despite progress, several obstacles persisted. The South China Sea remains a major challenge, alongside concerns about the conditions of workers in Chinese projects and the environmental impact of Chinese investments. This book seeks to comprehend the dynamics in the China-Indonesia relationship throughout 2023. It examines pivotal episodes in Beijing-Jakarta cooperation from the past year and offers recommendations for government actors, business stakeholders, and other relevant parties to ensure mutually beneficial relationships between both countries.

Profil Penulis

Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat is Director of China-Indonesia Studies at Center of Economic and Law Studies (CELIOS). He completed his Ph.D thesis on the Belt and Road Initiatives at the University of Manchester, UK. Beyond CELIOS, Zulfikar is also an associate at the London School of Economics’ IDEAS and a research affiliate at the Middle East Institute – National University of Singapore. 

Yeta Purnama is a Researcher at China-Indonesia Studies at Center of Economic and Law Studies (CELIOS). She obtained her undergraduate degree in International Relations from Universitas Islam Indonesia. Her works on China-Indonesia relations have been published across well-known international media, including South China Morning Post, The Diplomat, Australian Outlook, and others.